I was so excited to check out the new Podcast recapping episodes of Parks and Recreation, called Parks and Recollection.  It is by far one of my favourite funny shows, the characters are just so good.  Any fans out there?? 

I was listening to the fourth podcast while walking my 85-pound chocolate lab through the trails trying to avoid running into any other dogs (as this makes my walk more stressful as she doesn’t always make the best first impression).

I was delighted to hear this episode interviewed the casting directors and because the characters are all just so good on this show, I wanted to learn how they chose the actors for their roles. 

What your Health has in Common with a Casting Director

And do you want to know what they said that made me stop in my tracks and instantly smile 😄?  The #1 thing that creates a good casting director?  The thing that completely changed these performers’ lives and gave them opportunities that they otherwise would not have had?

Hint:  You have the same tool they do and you are most likely underutilizing it!  

These casting directors rely on their intuition, their gut instinct.  Big wins have happened when they lean in and trust it.

Why am I even writing about this?

Your Underused Superpower

Because. As women, we have this innate superpower, our intuition, but too often, we’re out of touch with our body and this inner wisdom.  

Intuition is a subtle feeling or knowing we experience, alerting us to the fact that something is either aligned with us or a sense of unease informing us that we might need more information prior to making a decision.

But a lot of the time, we are either too busy in our minds to catch the feeling or if we do feel it, we might not trust it because of years of looking externally for reassurance and solutions. We have this amazing tool built within us, that we might not be maximizing.

Your body is talking. Are you listening?

Start Using your Intuition

 Your homework:

1.  Practice slowing down and feeling your body sensations.  Can you feel your intuition when it’s speaking to you?

2.  Can you start to lean in and trust it?

3. Reflect: how can you use this superpower to help direct decisions that could increase your energy and better your health? For instance, could you say “no” when you want to?

P.S. Our intuition is just one of the superpowers that we can leverage as women.  As you can see, a whole health approach to increasing energy involves far more than just what we eat.  Intuition is one of the 12 topics we cover in the Energized & Empowered 3-Month experience.  

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Image: Jon Tyson via Unsplash