Myth Busting Video #3: You Either have to See an MD or an ND

It is a common misconception that Naturopathic Doctors are anti-conventional Western medicine.  For me personally, this is just simply not true. In my ideal world, the most common health care model would be one based off an Integrative Medicine philosophy.  This would be a wholistic, client centred model with a common goal of healing using appropriate therapies from both conventional and alternative medicine.  Lines of communication would be open between involved health practitioners and client’s would be a partner in their own health care.  As you can see from this post’s picture, the “green zone” indicates integrative medicine.  In my opinion, this is where the magic happens.  Integrative medicine is of particular interest to me and you’ll likely see more posts about this very topic in the future.

Note:  These videos were done as part of Naturopathic Medicine Week.  It is a week designated to helping educate other health care providers and the public about what we do and who we are as licensed Naturopathic Doctors.