It is common to feel like you are hitting a wall with your thyroid health. Maybe your labs are normal but you’re always cold, have brain fog, and collapse on the couch every night. With hypothyroidism myself I certainly have felt many of these things! Medication is effective, but many people report lingering symptoms and dissatisfaction with their care, despite having the proper dose1.

The good news is that you can change your thyroid health and there is evidence to support it! I want to give you permission to release yourself from those guilt-ridden afternoon naps. You can be empowered and have realistic goals for your thyroid health. All in under 4 hours, from the comfort of your living room.

The Thyroid Revive Program is a webinar course for all evidence concerning the thyroid.

Including diet myths, health risks, sleep issues, easy goal setting, environmental toxins, and much more! How often have you tried a new habit to have it fall apart in two weeks? The course outlines common pitfalls of goal setting, and the infrastructure you need to make it happen. All information and answers to your questions can be found below.

I find I am a broken record in 1:1 appointments. Why am I saying the same thing to each patient when so many people could benefit from this information? I personally didn’t know this evidence going through university and naturopathic medical school. It was after graduation that my burnout happened and my thyroid hormones suffered. My mission is to go beyond single person care and to give evidence based thyroid information to more people at a fraction of the cost. Explore the website and share with a friend!

In Health,

Dr. Mollie Brennan, ND


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