Tracy’s Three Words for 2019

We are well into January, but I thought I would share 3 words I am focusing on for 2019.  As much as I believe we can create new “resolutions” any time of the year, there is definitely something very natural or intuitive to re-evaluating and reminiscing about the year that past and what intentions or goals you want to put energy into for the coming year.


Meaning declutter and make things easier for myself!  We have jumped on the Marie Kondo method and have started to get rid of a lot of our unused things and clutter and does it ever feel good!  When you have a visually clean environment, it sets you up for less mental clutter, better relaxation, and better productivity.  I notice this especially if my kitchen gets untidy.  It’s so discouraging to want to cook a meal, if there is a pile of dishes or clutter leftover from our last meal.   I’m also trying time blocking as a way to clear mental headspace, so that I know what I’m doing and when I’m doing it.  The hope is that this helps me be more efficient, and allows more time for relaxation and play (see below).

2.  RELAX.

I have a tendency to work a lot.  This is a hard one for me because I love my job (and I feel very lucky about that) but it definitely can cut into my relax and play time.  I have created time blocks (which sounds very serious, lol), which I am going to commit to (see below) that are just for being present doing things that I enjoy for myself and with family and friends.  One new thing I have started and am excited for is to be a part of a book club! This will encourage me to slow down and read some non-women’s health literature and spend time with some pretty amazing women.  We’ve also got our propane refilled for our fireplace and I’ve ordered some unscented coconut wax candles to really set the hygge :P.


This applies to a number of things but in general staying committed to my values both personally, and professionally as a clinic owner.  Saying YES to things that are in congruence with my values and NO to things that do not align.  In addition to committing to simplifying and more relaxation, 2019 is my year to get back into my regular fitness regimen.  I am so good with prioritizing healthy food and sleep, but struggle to be regular with moderate-intensity exercise (Naturopathic Doctors struggle too)!  In my time blocking, I have committed to 3x/week at the gym and 1x/week of yin yoga (I recommend this practice a lot to people who struggle with “slowing down”).  There. It is out in the open, so now I’d better be more accountable!

Do you have any words or health goals you are focusing on for 2019?  We’d love to help take you on the next steps to reconnecting with your thriving self and becoming the healthiest version of yourself!  Book your free 15-minute meet & greet or your initial appointment with one of our Naturopathic Doctors here!