Do you ever slather yourself with lotion or sunscreen and not think anything of it?  Of course, you have. I know I have.  

You often think about the food you eat 🥗 and exercise 🏃 as part of your health plan, but you don’t always think about what you are putting on your body as part of your greater health 💄🧴.

Your Skin is Your Biggest Organ

Your skin is your biggest organ and it absorbs what you put on it.  Certain medications used topically serve a medical purpose such as pain medication, nicotine patches, and hormone patches. So, if your skin absorbs what you put on it, it’s important to be mindful of the ingredients in your personal care products 😄.

What are Xeno-Estrogens?

Some of the products on shelves (unfortunately just because it’s on your store shelf, does not mean it’s a healthy product) contain xeno-estrogens, which are man-made chemicals that can muddle your hormone system, because they look and act just like naturally occurring estrogen in your body.  Some examples to look out for in your personal care products include phthalates (a group of chemicals to make plastics more durable), and parabens (a chemical preservative).  

One Ingredient to Avoid

One ingredient that I encourage you to avoid in your products is synthetic fragrance often labelled as “fragrance,” “perfume,” or “parfum.”  Synthetic fragrances are a source of phthalates and can act as a hormone disruptor.  Instead, look for products that list essential oils that they use to scent a product, or opt for unscented!

My Current Top Five Favourite Personal Care Products

  1. Deodorant – I have tried many natural deodorants and many have been a bust.  Lately, I reach for Native or Routine.
  2. Face Cream – I actually use face oils in the day, but still a face cream at night and I love the Clarify Face Cream by Wildcraft
  3. Body Cream – nothing is more luxurious than the Cure’s Body Whip – try the original or the naturally scented versions.
  4. Lip Gloss – I do love BeautyCounter’s Beyond Lip Glosses, they are not sticky and have beautiful colours. For a natural look, I turn to the shade Peony.
  5. Sunscreen – My favourites are Think Sport and Salt & Stone.

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