Meet Our Team

At Roots to Branches, we believe that you deserve to thrive.

Roots to Branches is a whole health clinic – we treat the whole person. Our multi-disciplinary team uses a broad toolkit to customize care to give you more energy, more health, more joy. Naturally.

Tracy Palmer ND, Roots to Branches’ founder, has a focus in women’s health and fertility.  Mollie Brennan ND has a general practice, seeing clients of all ages; however she also has a special interest thyroid disorders as well as in paediatrics.  We also have an in-house Chiropractor, Dr. Stephanie Galea, Registered Massage Therapist, Jessica Brideau, and Licensed Counselling Therapist Candidate, Trish Pendleton.

Together, we support a range of concerns, from chronic health issues to acute conditions such as cold and flu. We are proactive, optimizing your health to prevent future illness. We want you to enjoy vibrancy and resiliency in the long run.

Your participation is key. You are part of every decision to move you closer to your goals. The right plan is the one that works for you, that suits your schedule, budget and lifestyle. We don’t deal in strictures, guilt or shame.

After all, it shouldn’t be stressful to be healthy.

Our Team

Naturopathic Medicine | Chiropractic | Massage Therapy | Counselling | Manual Therapy

Dr. Tracy Palmer ND

Making people happier and healthier isn’t just my career – it’s my passion.

Before I became a Naturopathic Doctor, I was a Registered Nurse in internal medicine and oncology. I had my own health challenges, including a gastrointestinal condition for which I took as many as 16 pills a day. After naturopathic medicine helped me heal, I was hooked. I wanted to help others as I had been helped. I moved to Toronto for four years of medical training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

I have been practicing as a licensed Naturopathic Doctor since 2012, with a special interest in women’s health and infertility. I am a member of the New Brunswick Association of Naturopathic Doctors and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

I believe in combining modern research and evidence-based medicine while getting back to the basics and using the gifts nature has given us. Most of all, I believe being healthy is about having fun, being inspired and feeling joy. Balance is key – I love nachos as much as anyone.

After all, life is short. And it can change quickly, as I learned during my pregnancy when an ultrasound revealed our baby had a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (read more about my pregnancy and how it’s impacted my practice here).  I’ve always been a positive person, but this experience confirmed what is really important and what I want to help my clients achieve. The ability to make the most of each day. To laugh. To feel good in your body. To have joy and fun. We are all resilient with the right support.

Dr. Mollie Brennan ND

My journey with naturopathic medicine started in high school when I heard about natural medicine being an actual career opportunity. Imagine looking at your body not as separate compartments, but a connected web of systems! Prior to earning a naturopathic degree in Toronto, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry-Nutrition at Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a Holistic Nutrition diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

 After some positive and negative healing attempts in my own health with hypothyroidism and anxiety, I was unsure if naturopathic medicine would be effective enough to recommend to future patients. But what else would I do that looked at the body in such a unique way? I had to know more, I took the leap to begin studies in Toronto. I met my cousins who are both naturopathic doctors. They were supporting children with autism using naturopathic modalities and underlying biochemistry. I was seeing huge gains in their office every time I visited. Imagine seeing a child going from non-verbal to verbal in the span of a year.  I was obsessed!

Now my practice areas of interest include irritable bowel syndrome, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism.  I explain your body systems through the lens of your unique biochemistry and the best evidence. I have experience supporting anxiety/depression, acne/eczema, perimenopause, headaches, and welcome anyone looking to make changes for their health.

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Dr. Stephanie Galea B.Kin (HONS), D.C.

Dr. Stephanie Galea was born in Mississauga Ontario, where she was introduced to Chiropractic. Growing up, she watched her family and friends benefit from chiropractic care and saw first-hand how manual therapy impacted her athletic performance and day-to-day function. Her love for sports, health care and helping others led her to obtain her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. While she was at the college, she got the opportunity to work with the special needs population and provided services in the Dominican Republic to underserved communities. During her intensive training at school, she developed a passion for women’s health, pregnancy care, mamas-to-be, postnatal care, infants and children.

Dr. Galea acknowledges that every individual is unique and may require different treatments, which is why she provides a variety of techniques including spinal and extremity manipulation and mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, exercise prescription, acupuncture and education to optimize health and help her patients reach their full potential. She strives to empower her patients to take an active role in their health which is incorporated into her treatments. Dr. Galea is also trained in Instrument Assisted Soft tissue therapy and Webster technique.

When not dedicating her time to elevating patient care and learning, she can be found exploring the great outdoors and spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys hiking, volleyball, basketball, strength training, and travelling.

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Jessica Brideau RMT

When I was in my 30’s, I learned it was never too late to follow your passion and achieve your dreams.  I graduated from Eastern College, Saint John, in 2014 as Registered Massage Therapist and knew I had found my calling.

I truly love treating a variety of needs and conditions, including, but not limited to:  chronic pain, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, migraines/headaches, general mental health (for stress, anxiety, and depression), injuries (including motor vehicle accidents), tendonitis, sinus issues, general aches and pains, and pregnancy.

Always eager to learn and expand my massage skills, I have taken additional training to support patients with cancer (for those recently diagnosed, undergoing treatment, or post treatment).  In addition, I have received training and incorporate an ancient Chinese healing technique called Gua Sha into my treatments if needed.  This technique utilizes a soft edge massage tool to improve circulation, break down scar tissue, and reduce inflammation and chronic pain.

Massage treatments are tailored to your needs and can be deep tissue or more gentle and restorative in nature.  I truly believe that a quality massage treatment can help restore, empower, and encourage a person’s body mentally, physically, and emotionally.  To add to your massage experience, I also offer aromatherapy, hot stones, paraffin wax for hands/feet, and hot towels.

When I am not busy living my dream and giving  top notch massage treatments, I love sharing laughs with family and friends, a great road trip, outdoor concerts, and being out in nature! I try to practice what I preach (self care) and prioritize hitting the gym, reading, music, mediation, yoga, and of course the occasional Netflix Binge. I love my community and I am a big supporter of local businesses!

 “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” Maya Angelou

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Trish Pendleton, BA, BEd, MEd, CCC

I found my passion for counselling while I was teaching. I was given the opportunity to work with the school’s guidance counsellor, where I witnessed the profound effect of therapy, connection and a non-judgmental space.

Having obtained my Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education from the University of New Brunswick, I returned to UNB to complete my Master’s of Education in Counselling. I am currently a Licensed Counselling Therapist Candidate and Canadian Certified Counsellor.

I went on to work in private practice and then as a counsellor at UNBSJ, where I also served as the Campus Sexual Assault Support Advocate. Through this work, I took a special interest in young adult mental health and women’s mental health. 

My approach to counselling is tailored to fit your unique personality and needs. I follow Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy. I also have specialized training in supporting survivors of sexual violence. I work with clients who are experiencing a variety of mental health issues, including anxiety, self-worth and relationship issues, life transitions, low mood and more.

When I am not in the counselling office, I love to go for walks with my dog and spend time with my family and friends. I can often be found outdoors, in the theatre or on the beach volleyball court.

Trish will officially be accepting clients March 31st, 2022. To get on the wait list contact our clinic here.