The Wild Collective

The Wild Collective

Do you feel like you’re tired and busy all of the time? Like you’re constantly in to-do mode? And out of touch with your true self?

You’re not alone. 

There is an epidemic of women being exhausted and putting themselves last.  I have seen it every day in my practice over the last 8  years,  and I’ve experienced it myself.

  • The tricky thing about this epidemic is that often we don’t outwardly look unwell or exhausted.  We rarely even tell other people that we are feeling exhausted.  Usually, because we feel like we are the only ones that feel this way. Or, we think fatigue is just something we accept as a part of being “busy” woman and “doing it all.”  
  • Women are notoriously overextending themselves taking care of others at the cost of their own wellness and at the cost of themselves.  
  • Research has found that women report higher levels of tiredness on a far more regular basis than men do.

It’s not our fault

This masculine always-on, productivity mindset is often valued more than feminine traits. You know, things like rest, reflection and connection. And when one energy dominates, we feel stressed, unbalanced and unfulfilled.  

As women, we have an innate, inherent power. But too often, we’re out of touch with our intuition and inner wisdom. 

I’ve been there too 

I was out for a walk and listening to a business podcast.  Walking in nature, something I used to do for fun, now was tied to a business task.  I was fed up. 

Is this my life? I thought. An endless series of tasks and household chores rolling out until the end of time. Ugh. I couldn’t bear it. 

I immediately felt guilty.  I had it “all.” A sweet husband. A healthy son. Thriving career. Lovely home. 

What was missing? 

Well, me.

In the hustle of establishing my family, home and practice, I’d neglected to look out for myself. In the grind of taking care of everyone else, I’d lost the vibrant, happy and social person I used to be. 

My husband still had a life. He went to concerts. Played hockey. Jammed with the guys. Me? Nothing outside of being a mom/wife and an ND. My routine was family-work-family-sleep, repeat. This wasn’t the life I wanted for myself. 

I was not alone. Every day in my practice, I saw women struggling. 

What do you do for yourself, I’d ask. In reply? Silence. A nervous laugh. An uncomprehending stare. Sometimes tears. 

Myself? Who’s that? 

I didn’t truly understand the depth of these women’s loneliness, their deep sense of estrangement from themselves until I lived it. 

I knew I had to do something about it. I wasn’t going to let my patients or myself become unrecognizable ghosts in our lives. Not on my watch. 

So, I became my own patient. I reclaimed my wild.

I took baby steps to make some space that was just mine. I went for walks, spent time in nature (without the added business tasks) and with old friends. I paid attention to my cycle and what my body was telling me it needed. And I researched. Study after study, story after story, confirmed that my patients and I were not alone. We just felt like we were.

Luckily, there is a solution

It’s become my mission to bring women together, to reclaim our lives and vitality. To empower ourselves and each other to live full, vibrant lives. You are NOT alone. And you don’t have to take the journey of reclaiming your life, of getting back in touch with your true self and inner power alone. Women need a village, a community – even us introverts. We need each other. 

Are you ready to:

  • Increase your energy and reconnect with your thriving, wild self?
  • Find the strength to resist the impossible grind of our always-on culture?
  • Start prioritizing yourself and incorporating the things you want and need?
  • Gain trust in your gut instinct and act on your intuition?
  • Become empowered in your own body, learning what is normal and what is not, so you can have confident discussions with your health care team?
  • Create meaningful relationships and gain support with a group of other like-minded women?

It’s time to harness your wild feminine energy. 

Join the Wild Collective

The Wild Collective is a program where we revolutionize how women’s health care can be done.  There are more effective ways to create change than the traditional one to one appointments and prescriptions.  Why if all of these women are telling me the same thing, saying they are suffering alone, am I not helping them together?

“Community is the medicine and connection is the answer”

Dr. Michelle Peris,
ND and curator of the Wild Collective.

Research tells us that when we have connections to others we are less likely to suffer from poor health.  When we are part of a community and feel connection we are more apt to take action.  We get better together.

The Wild Collective is on a mission to create a safe space where women support and learn from other women, where women will learn about their own bodies and intuition, empowering them to feel their best and more like their true selves.

It has helped hundreds of women reclaim their wild across Canada and the United States. It has sold out every single time!

The Program Details:

The Wild Collective is a 10-month program, where we meet virtually one time per month for 2 hours.  Each session includes 1 hour of curriculum and 1 hour of sharing, relating, and purposeful discussion.  Each month we dive into the optimum functioning of our body systems and how we can strengthen those through our divine feminine energy.

The Curriculum

  1. Your Menstrual Cycle:  Learn and understand your monthly hormones and cycle and how you can actually use it as your superpower.  We cover common concerns spanning from PMS and menopause.  Not menstruating? No problem, we chat about how you can still use cycles to tap into this power.
  2. Your Detoxification:  Learn how your body detoxifies and how you can best support it.  Become educated on typical market detox claims so you can be an empowered consumer. Plus, learn how you can start taking steps to lower your toxic load with your household and hygiene products.
  3. Your Digestion:  Learn all about what’s normal and what’s not for optimal digestion.  We also cover how digestion can be linked to our gut instinct and intuition.
  4. Your Thyroid:  Thyroid disorders affect up to 5% of our population and are 4-7% more common in women.  Learn how to support the health of your thyroid and what labs give you the full thyroid picture.  We also cover the idea of speaking your truth and using your voice.
  5. Your Vision:  Here we get creative and put your big dreams and goals on paper.  We explore the topic of living your mission and purpose. 
  6. Your Stress & Sleep:  We live in a busy world that values productivity more than rest.  Women are more likely to report that they experience significant stress and that their stress has increased over the last 5 years. Learn the impact of stress on your body and sleep and discover how we can embrace our feminine to build resiliency during challenging times.
  7. Your Breasts & Vagina:  Heck yes, we’re covering this! Gain a greater understanding of supporting the health of your lady parts, including proper screening.  We explore the topic of feminine power and pleasure.
  8. Your Brain & Mood:  Understand the root causes that can impact your mood and cognitive function and the top lifestyle factors you can implement for healthy mood and brain function.  We also cover concepts of mastering mindset.
  9. Your Blood Sugar Balance: Learn the tools to eat for blood sugar balance, which ultimately supports reproductive hormone balance.  We chat diet culture and listening to your body for dietary guidance.
  10. Your Divine Feminine:  This is where we put it all together, the science of what you have learned about your body, but also the connection you have made to your intuition and wild, truest self.  

Don’t wait until next time

I get it, our schedules are full and it’s easy to say that next time will be a better time.  But what if you made the time now?  By prioritizing the time now, you gain 10-months of feeling more energized and empowered in your body, more connected in your relationships, and more present in your time away from the program.  There is so much to be gained by taking the time now. 

It’s okay to do something for yourself

I see women every day in my practice that are doing all the things for all of the people, except themselves.  Of course, when we are busy taking care of everyone else, and not ourselves, we get tired, overwhelmed, and over-committed.  It’s time to do something for yourself.  Imagine how your life could change if you listened to your gut instinct and said YES to doing what you want to do?

Engage in meaningful connections

Ever feel like the conversations you are having are too often superficial and lacking in meaning? What if you had the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with other women all while learning and becoming empowered as part of a health care experience? Join other like minded women in a revolutionary approach to women’s health care. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the session dates?

The next group of the Wild Collective starts this Fall, 2021. Dates to be confirmed 🙂

What if I miss a session?

No problem, all sessions will be recorded and will be uploaded to our private Facebook group to be viewed at anytime.

What if I don’t want to share

You don’t have to share if you don’t feel up to it!  Although we have yet to meet a woman that doesn’t end up loving sharing (honestly!), the Wild Collective is all about listening to and honouring your needs. 

Is this program for a specific age or health condition?

Absolutely not! We want the Wild Collective to be as diverse as possible to include women of all ages, races, and stages of life.  There is so much to be gained from learning from a group of women

I’m not sure I’ll feel connected via virtual format

These times have taught us that connection can definitely occur over technology.  Those who have done the program both in-person and virtually have found there to be no compromise in the experience. We have taken extra steps to ensure that the virtual Wild Collective is still a program of sisterhood, connection and transformation.

What happens in each session?

Each 2-hour session is 50% women’s health curriculum, 50% sisterhood and connection and 100% reclaiming your wild.

What other Women are Saying:

Find Your Pack, Reclaim Your Wild

Our next pack of the Wild Collective is starting in Spring 2021. Join other women in a revolutionary women’s health group program, where we learn to become empowered in our bodies, make meaningful connections with other women, and make way for our wild, truest self.  Spaces are limited, get on the waitlist HERE