Baby Bloomers: A 4 Week Program Designed to Boost Fertility Naturally

Baby Bloomers: A 4 Week Program Designed to Boost Fertility Naturally

Introducing Baby Bloomers:  A 4-Week Program to Boost Your Fertility Naturally by Dr Tracy Palmer ND!  Our first group will start May 8th, 2019 at 7pm and registration is NOW OPEN but will be closing May 3rd at 5pm!  Reserve your spot now because there are only 12 seats and another group will not be starting until October/November of 2019!  In addition, because this is our first group (and you’ll be our testers), we are offering a one-time only price of $189 for the program.  It will not be this price again!  Call 216-3000, email, or drop by our office to reserve your spot!

This program is designed for:

– Women looking to become their healthiest PRIOR to attempting to conceive because we now know, the health of the parents before getting pregnant can influence the health of your baby-to-be, and/or

– Women that are experiencing difficulty conceiving and want to improve their health, remove obstacles to getting pregnant, and optimize fertility (this includes women seeking treatment at fertility clinics).

This program is based on a combination of the most up-to-date fertility research and my 7 years of clinical experience.  It will provide education and practical steps to begin maximizing your health and chances of conceiving.

Topics that will be covered, include (but not limited to):

  • Taking Charge of Your Cycle & Knowing Your Fertility Signs
  • Why You Need to Think About Your Health Before You Conceive
  • Evidence Based Lifestyle Factors to Improve Your Fertility (what is the research saying in regards to coffee? alcohol? exercise?
  • Myth Busting:  What the Evidence Says vs Dr. Google
  • The Most Researched Fertility Friendly Diet
  • Testing to Consider (Conventional & Outside-the-Box) When Optimizing Fertility
  • Gut Health & Fertility
  • Environmental Toxins & Consequences for Fertility

My hope for Baby Bloomers is that it serves as a community; a place where women feel a sense of comfort and safety with a topic that can often be vulnerable and isolating.  A place where women are supporting women.

Why This Is Important:

Research shows that when women receive health promoting lifestyle education, they are able to reduce their risk factors for infertility, and ultimately, improve pregnancy rates!!

The Details:

Program will take place, Wednesdays beginning May 8th, for four weeks (May 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th), at 7 pm, for 60-75 minutes per session at Roots to Branches Whole Health Clinic (1 Hampton Rd, Suite 210 “Rothesay Place”)

Spaces will not be reserved until payment is received.  Contact us today to reserve your spot (email:, phone: 216-3000, or drop by our office)

Please note:  program is not eligible for insurance reimbursement at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Bloomers:

1.  Is this program for me if I have had a miscarriage(s)?  Absolutely.  We will be covering topics that are geared towards improving egg quality, hormone, and immune balance –> all of which can help in maintaining a pregnancy.

2.  I am over 36 years old, am I too old to be part of this program?  Absolutely NOT!  Of course, it is reality that fertility begins to decline after 35, but it is still very possible to get pregnant at this time!  And again, with topics geared towards helping improve egg quality, this program is still a great fit for those in this age bracket.

3.  Can I Bring My Husband?  Unfortunately, no.  I do realize that it takes healthy eggs and sperm to create a pregnancy; however, at this time the program is designed for women (although we do touch on sperm health tips!)